Whale Restaurant


Tani’s family is working hard to preserve whale cuisine culture in Miyagi, a whaling base, and Tokyo, the most populous city in Japan. Once customers come to try whale, they are hooked by the taste and become regulars.
Many visitors try whale, but they learn about whale cuisine from the news and other sources, and if interested, try out whale restaurants. When they actually try it, they are surprised to find that it is delicious, high in protein, low in cholesterol, and good for the body.
Currently, there is a lot of attention toward the sustainable use of natural resources, including issues of wildlife and livestock, as well as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

A former Secretary-General of CITES (Washington Convention) exposes the fact that the organization’s wildlife trade arrangements were manipulated by animal rights groups, rather than being based on scientific evidence.

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Mitsuo Tani:Owner-chef, Ichinotani (whale restaurant)
Eugene Lapointe:Conservationist. Former Secretary General of CITES
Geneviève Desportes:General Secretary, NAMMCO
Hidehiro Kato:Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Nobuyuki Yagi:Professor, University of Tokyo
Nobuyuki Ito:President, Ayukawa Whaling KK
Shinji Higuchi:Film Director, "Shin Godzilla"
Yuko Sumida Jackson:Former Michael Jackson back dancer

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Director: Keiko Yagi
Cinematographer: Masami Inomoto
Sound Recordist: Hironori Ito
Edit Cordinator: Bunko Hamaguchi Memorial

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Bilingual Subtitles: English & Japanese
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